Technical equipment

All conference rooms have a complete basic equipment:

Lectern, Chairperson's material, notice board, Podium (if required)

Screen, Overhead projector with slides, slide projector, Flipchart, Laser pointer

Video equipment
TV with VHS and DVD system

Audio equipment
Radio with CD-Player

Use of a technician
In-house technician per hour (only for additional time) CHF 80.-

General technic

Podium (if required): free of charge
Lectern: free of charge
Chairperson's material, pad and pen: free of charge
Notice board: 1 free of charge / surcharge per item CHF 20.-


Screen: free of charge (143 x 152 / 170 x 180 / 245 x 245)
Overhead projector with slides: 1 free of charge / surcharge per item CHF 50.-
Slide projector: 1 free of charge / surcharge per item CHF 50.-
Flipchart with paper: 1 free of charge / surcharge per item CHF 20.-
Laser pointer: free of charge

Video equipment

TV with VHS and DVD system: 1 free of charge / surcharge per item CHF 50.-
Beamer: 1 free of charge / surcharge per item CHF 100.-

Audio equipment

Radio with CD player: 1 free of charge / surcharge CHF 20.-
Hand-held microfon: on request
Clip-on microfon/Headset: on request

Other technical equipment

Telephon/Telefax: according to use
Copies: according to use
ISDN-connection: on request
Audio system: on request
Video conferencing: on request
Simultaneous equipment: on request

Room rates

Meeting room for 15 persons: CHF 150.-
Meeting room for 15 to 30 persons: CHF 200.-
Meeting room for  over 30 persons: CHF 250.-
Additional group rooms: CHF 80.-